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Posted on: February 11, 2011 9:53 am

An 18-game solution?

Leave it to someone associated with Tom Brady to come up with an intriguing solution to the 18-game season. No, not his hair stylist.

The Associated Press has the story:


Tom Brady's agent thinks he has a solution for an 18-game NFL regular season: Limit how many games each player can suit up.

The players' union opposes expanding the season by two games, one of the main sticking points in negotiations with the league for a new collective bargaining agreement.

Though agent Don Yee believes 18 games mean more bodily punishment, leading to shorter careers and possibly shorter life spans, he had these suggestions for making the change more acceptable:

-Increase the roster from 53 players to 58, and make all eligible to play on game day; currently, only 45 can play.

-Institute a rule that prohibits any player from appearing in more than 16 games.

"This compromise will create even more interest from fans," Yee said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "What two games will the head coach sit the starting QB? That's a discussion that will set sports talk radio airwaves afire.

"This compromise will also be popular with coaches and general managers who want a greater opportunity to develop younger players," he said. "The NFL doesn't have a minor league, and this compromise will force meaningful participation by younger players on the roster.

"Players also would endorse this because each would effectively get two bye weeks during the year. Bye weeks afford important healing time and personal time away from the game."


Obviously this specific solution would wreak havoc with Fantasy owners. Would we know in advance when a player would be sat down, or would it come in on Sunday morning that all of a sudden Peyton Manning is taking the week off? Yee is right in that it would cause plenty of interest, but not necessarily the good kind.

The ideal solution is to agree playing a 16-game schedule, just as the league has done for years. An 18-game season means more Fantasy games for us, which is great, but it also means more injuries, roster maintenance, etc. Some people who play aren't into such a challenge.

I still think the league and the union have an agreement by June 1, if not May 1. I doubt Yee's solution is a valuable one, especially since I doubt Pats owner Robert Kraft would want to pay Tom Brady to sit for two games.
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