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Posted on: March 5, 2010 4:59 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2010 5:05 pm

Day 1 of free agency

NFL fans are already wondering how the first day of free agency is impacting Fantasy Football. I'm glad to offer some thoughts, one topic at a time:

1. Brandon Marshall visiting Seattle. This is potentially the biggest news of the day as it would mean a quality, sure-fire No. 1 receiver changing addresses. Marshall is a restricted free agent who can sign an offer sheet with the Seahawks but would cost the team its No. 6 overall pick if the Broncos don't match.

That said, the Broncos are probably begging the Seahawks to sign him to an offer sheet.

The prospect of Marshall in Seattle is good, not great. I don't think he'll be quite as effective as he was in Denver. Fine, he'd still have a pretty good schedule in the NFC West (including a game at Denver), but quarterback issues, offensive line issues and people taking coverage away from him would all hinder his output. I'd still consider him a No. 1 WR, but I wouldn't be over the moon about it.

Domino effect: T.J. Houshmandzadeh, all Broncos receivers and passers would struggle.

And now on to things that HAVE happened instead of speculation ...

2. Chester Taylor signs with the Bears. This is great for the Bears, bad for the Vikings and knife-in-the-eye brutal for Fantasy owners. By virtue of this signing, we've lost another potential 15-to-20-touch running back out of the player pool.

Matt Forte might not have been your favorite choice for a No. 2 Fantasy rusher this summer but at least he had upside to work a lot and accumulate a ton of yardage and maybe more than four touchdowns. That's out the window now -- the assumption is that Taylor will compete with Forte for the starting job but ultimately share the ball with him. Under that guise, it would be a shock to see either running back land more than 15 touches in a game but instead hover around 10 per game.

And then there's the Martz factor: Already potentially hurting Forte's value, the mere presence of pass-happy offensive coordinator Mike Martz scares me further. Martz was phenomenal with Marshall Faulk in St. Louis but couldn't muster the same kind of stats out of Kevin Jones in Detroit, then ran Frank Gore into mediocrity with the 49ers -- Gore had his worst year as a starter under Martz. Don't be shocked if there's a game or two this season where Forte and Taylor combine for 15 touches. 

I'll watch the backs in training camp and the preseason, but the biggest truth of all is that they've very much alike. Good size, great hands, able to block, no breakaway speed. It's going to be a mess. Taylor's Fantasy stock improves -- he's a legit No. 3 Fantasy RB, but so is Forte.

Domino effect: Vikings need a backup rusher for Adrian Peterson; if they don't add one, Peterson could be a beast -- as in, bigger than normal.

3. Nate Burleson signs with Detroit. If you take the financial aspect out of the deal, I like it a lot. I've been a Burleson fan for a while but strictly as him being a contributor, not a leading receiver. He's getting paid pretty well, but that doesn't matter in Fantasy.

What does matter is his presence across from Calvin Johnson in a high-powered Lions offense. On paper I like it a lot -- but I can't consider Burleson as anything more than a low-end No. 3 Fantasy WR. Could he get 900 yards and seven touchdowns? Yeah, and that would be great. But I think 700 yards and four touchdowns is more realistic.

Domino effect: Matthew Stafford has a real shot at 3,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. That would be great for him. Also, the Lions' run game could lose work with the passing game enhanced, but they're thin there anyway with Kevin Smith banged up.

4. More Bears: Julius Peppers signs. Again, I don't like the money involved, but I do think it's a good move for the Chicago defense. Their biggest problem last season was a consistent pass rush. They've got it now, and it should be ferocious because even if you double-team Peppers, you still have to deal with Alex Brown coming from the other side and Tommie Harris from up the middle. And Brian Urlacher blitzing. And so on. The Bears might be the best 4-3 scheme defense in the NFL in 2010. Peppers should also pressure opposing quarterbacks which typically results in interceptions. The biggest key to the Bears DST might be Devin Hester, who is believed to be returning kickoffs again. If that happens, and if he re-dedicates himself, then the unit could be Top 10 once again. That's where I have them ranked now.

Domino effect: Panthers DST is toast.

5. Jake Delhomme cut in Carolina. Matt Moore takes over, and he's OK as a No. 2 Fantasy QB but it's clear that the Panthers are heading in a youth movement direction. Not going to be pretty for them, and not going to be pretty for Steve Smith. He's a fine No. 2 WR but it's clear that this team will run the ball a ton in 2010. Good news for DeAngelo Williams (if he survives the offseason) and Jonathan Stewart (if he can stay healthy.

Domino effect: Jake Delhomme continues to be Fantasy repellent. Many are already pinning him to a backup role with the Saints.

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 3:52 pm

The latest on Brandon Marshall

Through an e-mail exchange with NFL Vice President of Public Relations Greg Aiello Friday, CBSSports.com has learned that the NFL will not take action this week on Broncos WR Brandon Marshall's violations this offseason of the personal conduct policy.

Aiello wrote "expect something soon, perhaps next week."

Marshall has had a laundry list of off-the-field issues this offseason, including DUI and domestic violence charges. That's in addition to Marshall seriously injuring his right arm in a horseplay accident in late March.

Marshall is working at training camp to get into football shape and has passed muster with his coaches. "He hasn't skipped a beat," head coach Mike Shanahan said earlier this offseason.
Posted on: June 27, 2008 2:14 pm

Fantasy rankings update: Barber cuts into Top 10

Some might say we've been late to the party on this one, but after much deliberation, we've moved Marion Barber into No. 1 Fantasy RB territory. And, he's also in the Top 10 overall among all Fantasy players.

Read all about it in our updated rankings. You can find the positional rankings here: cbs.sportsline.com/fantasy/football
and the top 200 here: www.sportsline.com/fantasy/football

Here are the changes ... by position.


- Marion Barber moves into the Top 10. The Cowboys' runner was behind the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Larry Johnson and Ryan Grant before the move, and the reality is that even if his touches remain stagnant, he'll out-score all three of them. But the truth is that his touches should go UP, especially after signing a new contract. Figure we were just late to the boat on this -- Barber has been a late first-round pick in many drafts so far this summer.

- Matt Forte moves up a few notches. We're loving what we're hearing about Forte and how quickly he's adjusted to the Bears' offense so far this season. The combination of that news, the Bears waiving Cedric Benson and then subsequently not signing another free agent leads us to believe that Forte will see a nice chunk of the work in Chicago, with Adrian Peterson also getting some touches. Ask anyone in Chicago and they'd take that over Ced Ben falling down every two yards. Forte is still a No. 3 Fantasy RB, but now he's in the Top 30 at the position and Top 70 overall.

- Giants backup RBs swap places. With Ahmad Bradshaw's arrest and subsequent jail time and expected suspension (our hunch, not official news), Ward takes over as the more valuable rusher behind Brandon Jacobs. I have a feeling that the Giants will play merry-go-round at RB again this season anyway because of injuries. I'm steering clear if I can help it.

- Jamaal Charles debuts. With the news from Kansas City that Charles will get work as a rookie, how could we forget about him? His speed and change-of-pace style compared to Larry Johnson should work out nicely for the Chiefs.

- Brandon Jackson re-debuts. Maybe it's just because we didn't have a Packers backup on the rankings, or because we're not completely sold on Ryan Grant averaging 5.0 yards per tote for the entire season, but we felt like Jackson deserves a spot. We're stealing him in the late rounds of drafts.

- Travis Henry, Shaun Alexander almost off the list. Pretty self-explanatory.


- Jay Cutler down a smidge.
Just a small change to put him behind Matt Hasselbeck. If Brandon Marshall falls into a long suspension, then his stock will completely tank.

- Jeff Garcia down. Combination of people staying away from him in drafts, his contract demands and the Bucs' lack of a proven high-stat receiver to go opposite of Joey Galloway. Garcia is a clear-cut backup, not worth platooning at all.


- Vernon Davis up a smidge.
The talk out of San Francisco is that Mike Martz loves the options he'll have at his disposal with Davis, and Davis is encouraged by the progress he's making in Martz's offense. Granted, Martz has never had a tight end that produced big stats under his tutelage in recent history, but Davis is not your average tight end. Moreover, if the third-year receiver theory has anything to do with tight ends, then this will be Davis' breakout year. A LOT depends on his quarterback, though.

- Leonard Pope up a smidge. Just a tweak in our projections that resulted in Pope jumping over Randy McMichael and Donald Lee. I'm sure this news just rocks your world.


- Giants DST down a few spots.
Strahan retired -- you knew this was coming.

What about Brandon Marshall?

Jamey and I have had noisy discussions over where we'd take Brandon Marshall in a Fantasy draft. For the most part, we agree to not take him anytime before Round 4 and bank on someone rolling the dice on him in late Round 3.

Jamey wants a reduction in his projections. I offer Jamey the opportunity to get real. After his arm laceration, we already had him at 14 games with around 80 catches for around 1,060 yards and seven touchdowns. I think that's very realistic for a well-rounded, aggressive receiver in an offense that needs the passing game to win. The only difference is that the two games he'll miss are for a suspension instead of an arm injury.

One thing is for sure: Marshall isn't the safe pick everyone thought he was after last season ended.

Posted on: March 25, 2008 3:35 pm

First Day Back From First Offseason Vaca

I'm back in the office today following a six-day visit to Houston, where the fans are RABID about the Texans in 2008.

While I like the Texans a lot, I'd like them better if they were in any other division in football. Because of the strength of the AFC South, it's going to be really hard for Houston to win the division, much less win more than eight games. I think they're going to have to take five-of-six division contests to take the South and play in January. They've done well against Jacksonville in the past but not so much the Colts or Titans. That's got to turn around. Houston knows it -- the rest of their schedule is almost immaterial.

We have new rankings up. As I've been doing all offseason long, here's a look at why who has gone where. You can find the positional rankings here: http://cbs.sportsline.com/fantasy/f
and the top 200 here: http://www.sportsline.com/fantasy/f
. If you like this feature, or have a suggestion on how to improve it, please leave a comment below or email me at: dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com.

The only real change is Brandon Marshall, who cut up his arm in a home accident (a McDonald's bag was reportedly involved) He's slipped out of the Top 15 among receivers and almost the Top 50 overall but is still a No. 2 Fantasy WR on the assumption that he won't have any complications from his injury.

One more: Jason Elam signing with Atlanta. Do not be fooled by Elam's name value and draft him in 2008. Even though he'll play at least nine games in a dome, he's on a team with a lot of problems offensively. I would not expect the normal high output of points from Elam, though he could end up being Atlanta's highest scorer this season (will he score twice as many field goals as Michael Turner runs for?). I wouldn't draft him in a standard 12-teamer.
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