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Posted on: April 22, 2010 3:23 pm

Three-man Twitter mock draft

Earlier this week I posted my annual 20-minute mock draft , but on Thursday afternoon, just hours before the NFL draft kicked off, Jamey Eisenberg and I did an impromptu mock on Twitter, complete with guest picker Jermichael Finley of the Packers, and loads of comments from the Twitter world.

Here are the results along with the initials of who drafted whom:

1. STL: QB Sam Bradford (DR)
2. DET: DT Ndamukong Suh (JE)
3. TB: DT Gerald McCoy (DR)
4. WAS: OT Trent Williams (JE)
5. KC: OT Russell Okung (DR)
6. SEA: FS Eric Berry (JE)
7. CLE: QB Jimmy Clausen (DR)
8. OAK: OT Brian Bulaga (JE)
9. BUF: DT Dan Williams (DR)
10. JAC: DE Derrick Morgan (JE)
11. DEN: LB Rolando McClain (DR)
12. MIA: FS Earl Thomas (JE)
13. SF: RB C.J. Spiller (DR)
14. SEA: OT Anthony Davis (JE)
15. NYG: LB Brandon Graham (DR)
16. TEN: DE Jason Pierre-Paul (JE)
17. SF: DL Jared Odrick (DR)
18. PIT: C Maurkice Pouncey (JE)
19. ATL: CB Joe Haden (DR)
20. HOU: CB Kyle Wilson (JE)
21. CIN: OG Mike Iupati (DR)
22. NE: WR Dez Bryant (JE)
23. GB: LB Sergio Kindle (Jermichael Finley)
24. PHI: FS Taylor Mays (JE)
25. BAL: WR Demaryius Thomas (DR)
26. ARI: LB Sean Witherspoon (JE)
27. DAL: OT Charles Brown (DR)
28. SD: RB Ryan Mathews (JE)
29. NYJ: DE Everson Griffen (DR)
30. MIN: QB Tim Tebow (JE)
31. IND: LB Jerry Hughes (DR)
32. NO: OT Rodger Saffold (JE)

Who drafted the best? Me? Jamey? Jermichael? Let us know on Twitter (twitter.com/daverichard ; twitter.com/jameyeisenberg ; twitter.com/jermichaelf88 ) or just post here on CBSSports.com.

Posted on: April 20, 2010 12:21 pm

Third annual 20-minute mock draft

When it comes to mock drafts, I'm a novice. In 2005 I was the only guy who had Aaron Rodgers going to the 49ers No. 1 overall. Last year I had Brian Orakpo going to the Jaguars at No. 8 overall.

What did I know? Only that they'd be better players than the guys those teams actually drafted (so far anyway).

I've had my fair share of bombs, too. Brian Robiskie to the Giants at 29th overall last year , for one. Limas Sweed to Dallas at 22nd overall in 2008 for another . Check out my previous mocks if you want a good laugh.

But keep in mind that I don't have big boards or inside sources for a pretend draft, and keep in mind that I put myself on a timer: 20 minutes to make 32 picks. Why 20 minutes? Well, because the boss told me so, mainly. But really, how much time do people need to do this?

One more note: I draft as if I am the GM of the team picking, not as a writer showing favoritism nor picking players who I think the real GM will take. So, because of that, my mocks are entertaining but worthless. Just like almost everyone else's mocks.

Wind up the clock. Here we go:

1. St. Louis: Sam Bradford, QB

Best possible quarterback, major upside. Fills need with a quality talent. Get a WR for him in Round 2.

2. Detroit: Ndamukong Suh, DT

Jim Schwartz gets his newest version of Albert Haynesworth, Lions D-line becomes formidable.

3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy, DT

Need meets talent.

4. Washington: Russell Okung, OT

Difference between him and Trent Williams? Okung seems most prepared to play left side.

5. Kansas City: Trent Williams, OT

Not that the Chiefs won't try Williams on that left side.

6. Seattle: Brian Bulaga, OT

They desperately need help up front.

7. Cleveland: Jimmy Clausen, QB

They're not going into the season with Delhomme and Wallace as their only QBs.

8. Oakland: Eric Berry, FS

Even the Raiders can't fumble this one. But if Clausen is there come Thursday ...

9. Buffalo: Anthony Davis, OT

Absolute nightmare situation for Buffalo. Clausen, Bulaga, Williams their primary targets in the draft. Defense seems fairly set as it is. I hate this pick like poison but can't pull the trigger on Spiller here.

10. Jacksonville: Earl Thomas, FS/CB

So long, Reggie Nelson.

11. Denver: Rolando McClain, LB

Run-stuffing inside linebacker.

12. Miami: Sergio Kindle, LB

The Dolphins might find a D-tackle later -- they won't find a pass rusher like this later.

13. San Francisco: C.J. Spiller, RB

49ers win big: They get a Top-10 talent to slide to them and they nab him ahead of the Seahawks, who reportedly covet him. Bad for Fantasy because of sharing scenario with Gore, obviously.

14. Seattle: Derrick Morgan, DE

Pass rush in Seattle is super weak.

15. New York Giants: Dan Williams, DT

Giants need to invest in a defensive tackle for the future of their pass rush.

16. Tennessee: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE

Like the Seahawks, the Titans need a pass rush developer. I really like Pierre-Paul's long-term potential.

17. San Francisco: Jared Odrick, DT

Excellent 3-4 defensive lineman.

18. Pittsburgh: Maurkice Pouncey, C

A match.

Running short on time ...

19. Atlanta: Brandon Graham, LB
20. Houston: Kyle Wilson, CB
21. Cincinnati: Mike Iupati, G
22. New England: Joe Haden, CB

Had to comment here. Haden will be a solid corner but doubts about his speed/ability pushed him down. He's too good for the Patriots to pass on and Belichick should do a good job working with him.

23. Green Bay: Taylor Mays, S
24. Philadelphia: Devin McCourty, CB
25. Baltimore: Dez Bryant, WR
26. Arizona: Sean Lee, LB
27. Dallas: Charles Brown, OT
28. San Diego: Brian Price, DT
29. New York Jets: Carlos Dunlap, DE
30. Minnesota: Terrence Cody, DT

I personally think Cody will be a phenomenal NFL player.

31. Indianapolis: Vladimir Ducasse, OT
32. New Orleans: Tim Tebow, QB

I'm not sure if Tebow will be a Saint when this is all said and done, but a team out there will sneak into Round 1 to get him. The Saints do have a need for a backup/developmental quarterback, and giving Sean Payton a player he can be creative with could only make things in New Orleans more interesting.
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