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Posted on: April 28, 2008 5:24 pm
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My Monday morning got started with a THUD: My laptop, with all my precious information, barfed on me.

Looking at a potentially long day, I was able to get back on track with my laptop thanks to the tech group here at CBSSports. Mad props to Apple guru Seth Balsam.

After that, Jamey Eisenberg and I huddled in a conference meeting room and hashed out our post-draft rankings. That lasted a long time. The next time you're in a business meeting talking about financial logistics and TPS Reports, imagine being in that same room yapping about the NFL, the draft and Fantasy Football. That's what I did today.

Believe me, it's not as fun as you might think. Jamey and I have a strict policy about how we must "defend or drop" players on our board. Like the NFL personnel people, we have to get up on the table and fight for who we believe in. For instance, I raised my voice and pounded the table for Jonathan Stewart, while Jamey fought hard for Laurence Maroney.

Ultimately, we decided on these rankings:

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NOTE: We had problems posting the correct rankings on Monday. They should be fixed and ready for your eyeballs now.

Here's the thinking behind the changes in our rankings ...


Jason Campbell UP. The Redskins passer is in the right place at the right time, learning the West Coast Offense and landing not one, not two but THREE new targets in Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis. While I don't expect any of the three to get more than 500 yards in '08, all three will be utilized and Campbell will be the one throwing to them. He'll also be throwing to Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, Clinton Portis and Antwaan Randle El. Talk about an embarrassment of riches. Campbell is now a low-end platoonable starting Fantasy option.

Trent Edwards UP. The addition of James Hardy should result in more touchdowns for Edwards, be it to him or Lee Evans. Hardy should open things up. We're expecting him to be a poor man's Marques Colston this season. He's nearly the exact same player (obviously with more notoriety).

Kyle Boller DOWN. See below.

Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco DEBUT. We're not expecting much from either rookie QB, and we don't think one has a better shot at playing any sooner than the other. That can change, of course, but for now they're both low-end No. 3 QBs.


Marshawn Lynch UP a smidge. We didn't like Larry Johnson getting Jamaal Charles in his backfield. That could cost him 5 reps a game. Lynch is healthier and has a better offensive line. We're just saying we'd take him over Johnson.

Laurence Maroney UP. This was a combo platter of Jamey defending Maroney, saying that he's expecting him to be used more to keep opposing defenses off balanced when rushing the Patriots, and the reality that if we were in a draft, we'd take him over guys like Rudi Johnson, LenDale White, etc. I love Maroney's ability, but I personally won't draft Maroney in any leagues this season because I can't pinpoint his role on a week to week basis. That will change once the season starts and I can see what he does and how the Pats use him.

Julius Jones UP. See above. We'd just take him and trust him in Seattle's offense over the running backs behind him (if you disagree, you should email us (dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com) or post in the message board ASAP).

Thomas Jones SKYROCKETS. The Jets didn't draft Darren McFadden (or any RB for that matter), and their offensive line has some real potential to be Cleveland-esque after adding Alan Faneca. The versatile Jones should rebound big-time from last year's low TD total. We like him a lot as a low-end No. 2 RB.

Darren McFadden DEBUTS. We went back and forth on McFadden until I realized something: Lane Kiffin was an offensive coach at USC when Reggie Bush was used as a multi-purpose back and dominated the NCAAs. Kiffin HAS to have designs on doing the same thing with McFadden. Expect rushing of course, but also receiving and even some passing. He's a solid top-end No. 3 Fantasy RB -- but don't draft him to be a No. 2 RB (someone else in your league might do that) ... unless you're positive McFadden will romp in Oakland. And if so, we should talk (dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com).

Willie Parker PLUMMETS. The addition of Rashard Mendenhall is a signal that the Steelers will not put a full workload in Willie Parker's basket this season, especially at the goal line. We like Parker for yardage, but no more than, say, 1,100. He's now a solid No. 3 Fantasy rusher, a far cry from the low-end No. 1 RB he was earlier this offseason!

Jonathan Stewart DEBUTS. My argument with Jamey was that the Panthers love the power run game and Stewart is a power rusher. DeAngelo Williams has long been a favorite of mine, but he had a hard time topping DeShaun Foster and will have virtually no shot at getting more reps than Stewart, especially at the goal line. Jamey agreed. I think Stewart is your rookie of the year, by the way.

DeAngelo Williams DOWN. See above. Still might be a nice low-end No. 3 Fantasy RB.

Cedric Benson DOWN. The Bears have designs on rookie Matt Forte being their starter. They love him. He's a bright kid who can do it all EXCEPT blaze down the field. He has good speed, not great speed. Benson has fair speed and few other intangibles, unless you count a broken ankle. Frankly, I wouldn't let my worst enemy draft Benson, but he doesn't play Fantasy Football. Benson is barely a starting option, while Forte is a massive sleeper.

Kevin Smith DEBUTS. The Lions don't really have a reliable running back, and Smith has the body and ability to be a presence. Considering that the Lions are planning to become more run-oriented this year than in years past, Smith couldn't have landed in a better city. P.S. His main competition is Tatum Bell. Stop snickering, it's not nice.

Rashard Mendenhall DEBUTS. See Willie Parker. He could get five touchdowns.

Justin Fargas DOWN. See Darren McFadden. How can we possibly rely on Fargas for big yardage when McFadden will take a sizable role? I doubt this twosome will compare to Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush 2006.

Selvin Young UP. Chris Brown DOWN. Minor changes. Just some corrections.

Felix Jones DEBUTS. High yardage, low touchdown expectation for Jones playing with TD-hog Marion Barber.

Matt Forte DEBUTS.
See Benson.

Chris Johnson DEBUTS. We like Johnson quite a bit but don't see him getting many touchdowns except on long runs. LenDale White will still get the TDs. While we hate what this does to Chris Henry, we are hopeful that Johnson will deliver some stunning highlights. He'll be a hyped pick in Fantasy drafts a la McFadden.

Ricky Williams UP. No more Lorenzo Booker in Miami.

Ray Rice, Steve Slaton DEBUT. Two rookies with speed and versatility who need injuries to get them regular playing time. Nice depth choices, but that's about it. We really wish Rice had landed in Detroit.

Kenton Keith DOWN. Mike Hart is coming for his gig. Shaun Alexander might be, too.


Steve Smith UP. The combo of the Bengals drafting some new WR talent and a correction involving Smith's stats made for this tweak.

Marvin Harrison UP. The Colts drafted no wide receivers in their first five rounds. They have to be expecting Harrison near 100 percent for the season.

Lee Evans UP. Evans' double-teams should slow down now that James Hardy is on the same sideline. We like Hardy a lot. More on him in a bit.

Roddy White DOWN. We now know that at some point this season, White will be catching passes from Matt Ryan. Adjust his stats accordingly.

Bobby Engram UP. Seattle, like Indy, didn't invest heavily in receivers. Engram is Hasselbeck's best receiver.

James Hardy DEBUTS. We like Hardy as a red-zone and third-down target for Buffalo in the mold of Marques Colston. His yardage might be decent, but we expect 5-6 touchdowns from him. He'll make life a little easier for his Bills' teammates, too.

DeSean Jackson DEBUTS. Philly loves speedy playmakers to catch in small space and break one. Jackson can do this. Expectations are moderate (550 yards, 3 TD) but he has lots of upside. McNabb also can still throw a nice deep ball, and Jackson can beat 11 defenders downfield.

Earl Bennett DEBUTS. The Bears lack receiving firepower, and Bennett has great hands to go with nice speed. Size is an issue, but so is Grossman throwing mid-range passes. Bennett should work best in the short-area. He's got some potential.

Again, if there's anything you disagree with, I invite you to comment below or email me at dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com.

NOTE: We had problems posting the correct rankings on Monday. They should be fixed and ready for your eyeballs now.
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