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Posted on: April 26, 2008 10:44 am
Edited on: April 26, 2008 1:11 pm

2008 NFL Draft Blog -- PREGAME!

1:03 p.m.: Here are the latest headlines from the NFL draft

ESPN is reporting that Chris Long will go second to the Rams, Glenn Dorsey third to the Falcons, and Darren McFadden fourth to the Raiders.

The selections by St. Louis and Atlanta pass muster, but the Raiders' decision to take McFadden seems odd. For starters, they re-signed RB Justin Fargas earlier this offseason. It wasn't a break-the-bank deal, but it was enough to put a significant number in the Raiders' financial books. And, they also have Dominic Rhodes and Michael Bush on the roster. Finally, adding a playmaker on defense like Vernon Gholston or Sedrick Ellis also seems to make more sense since the club stunk against the run last season, and were actually solid running the ball.

On one hand, the Raiders might be setting up another last minute "smoke screen" to bait the Jets into giving up their 2nd-round pick for McFadden. If that's what the Raiders are doing, it should work.

On the other hand, you've got to think about what kind of offense Oakland will have if they truly put McFadden into the mix. Might they get as creative as the Saints in 2006 and find ways to maximize using multiple running backs? Justin Fargas and Michael Bush both have excellent hands, and McFadden doesn't exactly have poor hands. Why not some plays with McFadden in the backfield and Fargas/Bush lined up in the slot, or vice versa? And, if that's what they do, what will that do to Javon Walker's coverage once the running backs get established?

AND, what will that do for JaMarcus Russell, not only in terms of his cumulative stats, but the lack of constant pass-rush pressure he'll face?

IF Oakland goes through with it and takes McFadden, they'll have some serious potential to be loaded on BOTH sides of the ball for several years. It will stink for McFadden's Fantasy value, though.

More to come.

11:00 a.m.: Greetings from El Casa De Richard (Ricardo?)

Just got a phone call from my buddy BK.

"Dude, it's the greatest day of the offseason!" he yelled.

Believe it or not, BK is off to a Draft party in Miami with several pals. They're gonna hang out and watch the draft action this afternoon. I'm pretty sure a keg will be involved.

"Normally, this is the best day of the year for me," said BK, a former University of Miami student. "But since my Giants won the Super Bowl, it's the second-best day of the year."

Hope you're as pumped as he is. We'll be here all day breaking down the actions around the NFL ... all for the sole purpose of giving you a HUGE head start on how the 2008 Fantasy season will shake out.

We'll be talking a mix of Fantasy and Draft all day, and frankly the two go together like PB and J.

The rumors I've been reading so far this morning are that there are a flurry of trades to be expected. The Chiefs and Patriots appear to be major players in the first round, as will Philadelphia. We'll see.

Veterans on the move today: Jeremy Shockey, Lito Sheppard and possibly ... Roy Williams and Chad Johnson. It would not surprise me one bit if this morning the Bengals called the Falcons, Raiders, Jets and Patriots and asked if they had any interest in Johnson. Not necessarily for a swap of firsts, mind you ... I think Cincy might try to land two top 10 picks to salvage its defense.

More to come ... please post comments below or email me at dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com. You can also see my mock draft below.
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