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Posted on: April 23, 2009 10:43 am
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Second-annual 20-minute mock draft

My editor despises mock drafts. He thinks they're a waste of time. As I've gotten older, I've begun to agree with him. I mean, what's the point? To guess who a team will take? Most teams have no idea who they'll take unless they reach for someone. At least that's how it goes starting after the first few picks.

When I do a mock draft, I select players I WOULD TAKE if I were the club's GM. For that reason, I completely don't expect for my mock to look anything like the real NFL draft. I guess I do mine for fun.

I also follow the edict of my editor, which is "Finish it in 20 minutes or it doesn't belong on the site." He doesn't want me projecting offensive linemen and defensive backs all day, and I follow his reasoning since my primary job is to cover the Fantasy Football universe.

So expect minimal analysis from me here. The clock stars ... noww!

1. Detroit: Matthew Stafford, GB. OK, fine, this isn't who I would take here. I would take Jason Smith, OT. But since it's becoming increasingly clear that Stafford will be No. 1, I have to make him the pick. I don't love it for the Lions, at least right away.

2. St. Louis: Jason Smith, OT. Completely obvious.

3. Kansas City: Aaron Curry, LB. I want to go with Eugene Monroe here, but their defense needs so much help. Curry fits in as a key piece for the next several years.

4. Seattle: Eugene Monroe, OT. The Seahawks have too much need to splurge on a quarterback. Monroe makes Hasselbeck better.

5. Cleveland: Tyson Jackson, DE. The smoke screens do nothing to help the Browns land a 3-4 DE who can help against the run. They can address their offense later on.

6. Cincinnati: B.J. Raji, DT. Safe, run-stopping pick for Cincy. Marvin Lewis should get through to him.

7. Oakland: Michael Crabtree, WR. No brainer. Helps offense a lot.

8. Jacksonville: Brian Orakpo, DE. The Jaguars have so much invested in pass rushers already, but seeing Orakpo slip is too much for Jack Del Rio to ignore. His job is on the line this year and can't afford to take Mark Sanchez for the next coach in Jacksonville. Orakpo helps the pass rush more than last year's picks combined.

9. Green Bay: Everette Brown, DE. Simple, safe pick for the Packers' new 3-4 scheme.

10. San Francisco: Mark Sanchez, QB. Again, obvious. Might help them win this year, too.

11. Buffalo: Michael Oher, OT. I like him better than Andre Smith.

12. Denver: Brian Cushing, OLB. Helps in all areas defensively.

13. Washington: Andre Smith, OT. If they don't move up to grab Sanchez, they'll almost certainly address O-line.

14. New Orleans: Malcolm Jenkins, CB. I think this pick is rock solid, as in you can expect to see it Saturday.

15. Houston: Darius Butler, CB. The Texans go need over best player available, namely because the best players left are all at positions they have covered.

16. San Diego: Rey Maualuga, LB. Good for ticket sales, better for the defense.

17. N.Y. Jets: Jeremy Maclin, WR. Fits in well with special teams, getting Leon Washington to focus more on offense, and he can help stretch defenses.

18. Denver: Clay Matthews, OLB. Lookit! The Broncos took two USC teammates to shore up their LB corps. Should help push each other and accelerate their games on the next level.

19. Tampa Bay: Peria Jerry, DT. Obvious, assuming he lasts this long.

20. Detroit: Evander Hood, DT. Remember why the Titans defense was so good last year? Jim Schwartz does ...

21. Philadelphia: Knowshon Moreno, RB. We'll be drafting him in the first round in 2011.

22. Minnesota: Eben Britton, OT. Obvious.

23. New England: Aaron Maybin, OLB. Pats snatch up a guy who fell down the draft board.

24. Atlanta: Vontae Davis, CB. Takes best available DB.

25. Miami: Ron Brace, DT. Future of their D-line.

26. Baltimore: James Laurainitis, ILB. Ray Lewis' new buddy,

27. Indy: Alex Mack, C. Future of their O-line.

28. Buffalo: Robert Ayers, DE. They need a pass rush.

29. N.Y. Giants: Brian Robiskie, WR. Safest receiver in the draft behind Crabtree. Can contribute ASAP.

30. Tennessee: Brandon Pettigrew, TE. Best player available, kinda sorta fills a need. Bye Bye, Crump and Bo.

31. Arizona: Darrius Heyward Bey, WR. The offense keeps adding talent.

32. Pittsburgh: Alphonso Smith, CB. Gritty corner could play nickel in '09.

And look at that ... my 20 minutes are up!

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